Awesome Audio Creation for Various Usages

Want to make your music sound incredible? You don’t need another tool! FreeTrim MP3 comes with several must-have audio effects to boost soundtrack clarity and performance, making any music geek-giddy. You can easily find what you need on the interface – some buttons that require nothing but clicking to apply the effects. To make a wakeup ringtone, you can use Fade In & Fade Out; to strengthen a given electrical signal or raise its level, you may find Amplify useful; to adjust the overall level of the audio file, try Normalize; it even allows you to mix other audio files in different formats with the loaded one – that’s necessary to make an hours-long track for a mix music CD.


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Awesome Audio Creation for Various Usages


Download & install our FreeTrim MP3 to your system and launch the program. You can create beautiful music by adding audio effects – you can add a fade in effect at the beginning of the audio file and a fade out effect at the end of the audio file to make an animation ringtone; you can add echo to the sound file to create amazing effects; you can increase & decrease the volume of the selected region and adjust the volume to keep the volume balance; you can mix the files together to make one multifaceted music. You are allowed to use presets, specify parameters and preview the effect. If you are satisfied, click “OK” to save. Then, choose the output folder & format and adjust the output with quality presets or the configuration parameters. Lastly, click “Start Trim” to output.

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