Easy Operation Enables Anyone to Use without Hassle

Operation complexity is the main problem that scares users from the start. For many people, using an MP3 trimmer could be very confusing due to complicated parameters and graphics – that’s why we made everything in FreeTrim MP3 visual. Launch our FreeTrim MP3 and you can see a clear-cut interface with ease of use in mind. The input audio file will be displayed in waveform. All changes being made to the imported music can be seen & you can listen to them. Now you can have the easy Input-Trim-Output operation experience.


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Easy Operation


Download & install our FreeTrim MP3 to your system and launch the program. You are allowed to load audio file both from your computer and audio CD. The easy-to-find toolbar will help you edit the audio file as needed. To trim the audio, you can choose the useful part and use “Trim” button to eliminate the unselected regions. You can select any folder or create one to be the output folder. There are four output formats supported: WMA, MP3, WAV & OGG. Lastly, click “Start Trim” to save the trimmed part. 1-2-3, the whole process is easy to understand.

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