Apply Audio Effects

With our useful trimming tool, you can add many audio effects to the selected part, such as fade-in/fade-out, adding echo, adjust the volume, mixing the current audio file with another. All the operations are straightforward to complete as we provide easy-to-find buttons.


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Apply Audio Effects


To apply audio effects, you need to input an audio file to the program by “Load from file…” or “Load from CD”. Then the waveform of the loaded file displays. You must select a part to add effects; if not, the audio effect you choose will be applied to the whole file. You can see some buttons on the right of the toolbar to add fade in/fade out/echo effects, amplify/normalize the audio and mix other audio files to the loaded one. You can specify the detailed quality of these effects, but if you are not familiar with parameters, don’t worry – it provides presets to select. You can click “Preview” to listen to the effects. Click “OK” to add the effects. You can also use the play button to listen to the edited sound to check if you get the most satisfying result. You can use Undo/Redo button to reverse the previous operation or restore the reverse. Now click “Start Trim” to output wait until when the processing window disappears. Done!

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