Edit Visually

With the zoomable waveform, you can edit the selected part and perform basic editing visually. It is very convenient to determine the sound fragment to work with.


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Edit Visually


To visually edit an audio file, you need to input an audio file by “Load from file…” or an audio track of an inserted audio CD by “Load from CD…”. The trimmer will display the file waveform, which is zoomable for precise editing. You need to select a part to edit (our selection tool will help you manage this: you can just drag the mouse cursor to select a region or specify the specific time for precise selection). Now you can cut, copy, paste & delete any part as needed. If some editing mistakes are made, you are allowed to apply unlimited Undo/Redo buttons. Choose an output format in “Target Format” menu. You may adjust the format quality by “Settings…”. Click “Start Trim” & wait until the processing window disappears. You have successfully saved the edited files.

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